Posted on: September 6, 2009 10:46 am

The "We" statement

For awhile I have just sat back and read threads posted by people everywhere from Seoul to San Diego.  I never really felt as if I needed to put my two cents in, but recently I have noticed a practice that absolutely makes my cringe.  Why in God's green earth do people need to put first-person pronouns in their statements about their favorite teams?

I may upchuck if one more yo-yo says something in the ballpark of, "We need to focus and play our game."  Unless you are on the roster or payroll of the franchise / university that you are supporting please stop this nonsence.  I am so tired of these morons who feel that they are an integral part of these teams.  You will never be more than just a member of the mob who rallies in support of these teams.  You will never hear intelligent fans say, 'We need to recruit better athletes and run the spread offense."  If Butch Davis singles you out and asks your opinion about the future of the Tar Heels then you can continue this ridiculous practice.  Until then please try to refrain. 

I recently posted a thread about my lack of respect for the ACC football teams.  I must have struck a nerve because several Pro-ACC fans came after me.  I have respect for people fighting back when people are talking smack, but to me they lose all credibility when they directly associate themselves with the Hokies.  Frank Beamer never recruited you or any member of your family.  Everytime I see these comments I think of movies like "Hoosiers" and "Friday Night Lights" where members of the community felt like they were directly associated with the teams and needed to express their opinions to the coaches.  In both movies these people looked idiotic.

So remember you are not sitting on the bench next to Charlie Weis or calling plays in to Colt McCoy.  You do not have a VIP box in Death Valley.  You are not on the team.  For the love of everything holy, stop!
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